Bring Old, Faded Wood Back to Life with Deck Restoration

Our furniture restorations in Upper Saddle River, NJ will revitalize your favorite pieces

Is your deck faded from age and weather? Do you have an old kitchen table that needs a little TLC? No matter the case, Debiase Painting offers furniture and deck restorations in the Upper Saddle River, NJ area. Our process involves stripping the stain or paint before repainting. Our goal is to revitalize your wood and bring back its original beauty.

Breathe new life into the wood around your property. Call 201-220-6252 today to schedule deck and furniture restoration.

5 fantastic benefits of restoring your deck or furniture

When properly cared for, wood can last for many decades. Rather than resort to completely replacing faded or sun-damaged wood pieces, hire Debiase Painting. Our deck and furniture restoration team will:

1. Save you money

2. Add new style to old pieces

3. Help save the environment

4. Give it a second lease on life

5. Preserve sentimental pieces

Keep what you love while enhancing its look. Reach out to request a free estimate on furniture and deck restorations around the Upper Saddle River, NJ area.